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Progetto Benessere

Progetto Benessere is an excellent integrated method for global well-being , starting from weight loss. Our goal is to offer the opportunity to experiment with conscious and effective movement, guaranteeing certain results, within everyone’s reach, through the balanced combination of nutritional educational strategies and contextual motor and postural education
Progetto Benessere intends to respond to the bad customs that reign in most gyms, where often the payment of the fee only guarantees access without providing any explanation on the most suitable path for the set objectives; this leads to the achievement of minimal or even zero results.

With Progetto Benessere, movement becomes a pleasant experience to be shared in a small group, where everyone finds certain answers. All followed step by step by professional figures in synergy with each other .

The brand foresees a target limited to those who intend to take control of their health without having to go through tiring and fruitless paths , much less rely on centers that offer very expensive solutions with a yo-yo effect. Our results will be guaranteed by a modus operandi of professionals who, together, work towards the objective, namely Global Wellbeing, moving from motor and postural education to nutritional and behavioral education. The project is not aimed exclusively at women, therefore its homogeneity is guaranteed (contribution of the psychologist) through training in the Mini-Group made up of 6, maximum 8 users per unit of time (hour).
The key points will be:

  • High professional skills on the part of the team
  • Pleasant and stimulating relational environment
  • Concentration of multiple activities in the same session
  • Alternation of collective (Mini Group) and individual work
  • Money back guarantee (?)
  • Our adapted motor skills courses respond to the parameters of functionality, ergonomics, postural and nutritional education, in every session and at every moment of the path.
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Circuit Postural Training

Ambiente dove un training impostato in circuito, sotto la guida dell’insegnante, consegna risultati in non più di 25-30 minuti per seduta.

Si suddividono gli utenti in 2 gruppi da 4 (circuito A e B) come si specificherà in seguito, lavorando all’unisono.

Gruppo A (3 x training isotonico + 1 aero/cardio)
Gruppo B (3 x training isotonico + 1 aero/cardio)


Individual Training

Training personalizzato in area dedicata, per altri max 30 minuti, dove si possono far ruotare differenti figure professionali (estetiste, chinesiologo, dietista, psicologa…) lavorano in concreta sinergia per l’ottenimento del risultato.

Si dedicano 30’ a giorni alterni ai 2 gruppi.

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Wellness Corner

Area dedicata e gradevole, curata nei colori, musica, ergonomia.

È il corner che consente l’approccio educativo e teorico, attraverso l’ausilio di maxi schermo o led (mentre si stuzzica uno snack la dietologa enuncia i valori nutrizionali; nello stesso momento il chinesiologo parla del benessere legato ad un particolare elemento della postura; la psicologa rimarca il valore della condivisione, del benessere). Attività questa da prevedere 1 volta la settimana.